The K-12 ASL Content Standards are a culmination of years of effort involving many different individuals, including teachers, practitioners, researchers, universities and schools, and organizations throughout the nation. This resource would not have been possible without the involvement of everyone who contributed to this work.

We want to thank the team of researchers who helped develop the research foundation for the Standards during the first phase of this project:

  • Dr. Bobbie Allen
  • Mr. Patrick Costello
  • Dr. Todd Czubek
  • Dr. Charlotte Enns
  • Dr. Sarah Fish
  • Dr. David Geeslin
  • Dr. Melissa Herzig
  • Dr. Robert Hoffmeister
  • Dr. Gabrielle Jones
  • Mr. Rory Osbrink
  • Dr. Jenny Singleton
  • Dr. Janice Smith-Warshaw
  • Dr. Alex Zernovoj

We also want to recognize the contributions of teachers, faculty, staff, and leaders from participating schools, universities, and organizations during the first phase:

American Sign Language Teachers Association
California School for the Deaf, Fremont
California School for the Deaf, Riverside
Gallaudet University
Indiana School for the Deaf
The Learning Center in Framingham, Mass.
Ontario Provincial School
UCSD Department of Educational Studies

During phase two, ASL teachers and specialists from different schools and programs for the deaf played a critical role in the development of the Anchor Standards and content standards for grades K-12. The Clerc Center and the California School for the Deaf, Fremont collaborated to finalize the Standards. ASL teachers, specialists, and experts in ASL instruction participated in feedback groups; their feedback was invaluable in the development of the grade-level standards and the glossary. Dr. Petra Horn-Marsh from the ASL-CIA group, along with Dr. Amy Hile and Dr. Laurene Simms from Gallaudet University, supported the Clerc Center and ASL-CIA’s collaboration to share drafts of the Standards with ASL-CIA members to support their work. We are also grateful for the ASLRT’s support of the feedback groups from 2014-2017 as well as to the members of the ASLRT and Rory Osbrink, from the California School for the Deaf, Fremont, for their roles in modeling glossary terms.

In addition, the Clerc Center extends its deepest appreciation to Gallaudet Technology Services for their extensive work on and commitment to the creation of a new website for the Standards. They were instrumental in the dissemination of this important work.

The involvement and support of not only these individuals but also many others who made contributions to this project have resulted in the Standards that are now available as a resource to all.

K-12 ASL Content Standards

Download a complete set of the K-12 ASL Content Standards, including the introduction, the Anchor Standards and grade-level standards, the glossary, and the references.